Conrad Fresse holding juice

Freezing Juice with Conrad Freese

Interview by Jen Longtin, PURE Juicer

Our PURE community is a vibrant bunch of juicers from around the world making a difference in their health and the health of others. Our goal is to use these stories to inspire everyone to new levels of vitality and community.

First off, READ THIS BLOG! Conrad has an amazing story. He opened our eyes to freezing juice. And he and the ‘love of his life’ are juice partners which makes it even more rewarding.  Since meeting Conrad, we have read that juice retains 90% of its nutrients using his method. And what we love is that he can fit cold-pressed juicing into his busy life – and that the PURE Juicer is a workhorse and can juice for hours when he needs it. Conrad has brought us all joy and hope that EVERYONE can juice. We hope you enjoy getting to know Conrad.

What do you want us all to know about you? 

My name is Conrad Freese. I am 50 years. I am an elementary school teacher and am married to the love of my life, Cristina. I enjoy being a teacher and spending time with my wife outside or in our garden. I enjoy yoga, playing music, and of course, juicing!


Why did you start juicing?

I remember my dad juicing when I was a child. I started juicing by myself around 11 or 12. He gave me one of his older juicers as soon as I was old enough to operate it. I started juicing because I just loved the taste of it and how I felt after drinking a glass of fresh juice!

Conrad Fresse holding juice
Fruits and veggies

What did you notice (and maybe in what timespan) did you notice the impact of juicing?

I know as a young person, it made me happier. In my 20’s I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and I believe juicing helped me put it into complete remission. I am still symptom-free today and have never had any flare-ups since then. I knew medication was an option, but I chose first to make as many lifestyle changes as I could. This is when I began to juice regularly for my health and healing and not just because I liked the way it tasted. Over time, everything about me changed. My skin, mood, sleep, energy levels, everything. After a while, my body craved fresh juice. Today, everything about me is better because I juice. I would say that the same is true for my wife.

What do you recommend to people afraid to start juicing? 

  1. Get the best juicer you can. I would recommend a PURE! A better juicer like the PURE makes a much, much better juice. It tastes incredibly better and produces an astronomically healthier juice. We couldn’t purchase our PURE outright, but they have a great financing program that worked for us. It’s now paid off and it’s ours! The PURE is worth every penny.
  2. Start out slow. Keep your expectations in check. Don’t buy produce you won’t be able to juice. Start with simple recipes like carrots and apples. You can get more complex as time goes on. You feel good after a glass but it will take time to feel better and heal if those are your goals. Be patient.
  3. Keep the juicer on the counter in a prominent place so you can see it. Don’t store it and expect to remember to juice, at least early on. Don’t make yourself feel wrong when you’re not juicing or if you take some time off from doing it. A good juicer will always be there for you when you’re ready to come back.
  4. Don’t do a regimen or program that won’t work for you. Be honest about what you can do and how much time you have to juice. You can even create your own program and goals. Maybe start with once or twice a week. Put the dates for juicing on the calendar and stick to them. Plan before you go to the market what you will juice as well as when you will juice. Be realistic. Also, Taste! Taste! Taste! Don’t juice things that you won’t enjoy. You might find that over time you’ll want to experiment and try some new things. It took us a while, but our bodies now crave parsleys, dandelion greens, turmeric, and ginger! Early on, I found some things to be very unpleasant.
  5. Find a supportive person or group to get going and then help keep you going. It’s fun to share the juice when you can! Have fun. Juicing can be an art. You’re more likely to juice if you enjoy doing it.
Fruits and veggies

What is your favorite juice? What is the recipe?

We call it BOTE juice, Blood Of The Earth – It’s a deep red color from the beets.

We drink 8-16 oz of it every day after thawing it from the freezer. We have had this virtually every day for years.

  1. Carrots – 15-20 pounds
  2. Apples – 15-20
  3. Cucumbers –  6-8
  4. Lemons – 6 
  5. Curly Parsley – 3 bunches
  6. Italian Parsley – 3 bunches
  7. Cilantro – 3 bunches
  8. Red chard – 2 large bunches
  9. Green Dandelion Greens – 2 large bunches
  10. Purple Dandelion Greens – 2 large bunches
  11. Celery – 2 large stalks
  12. Beets and their tops 6-8 large beets with tops
  13. Ginger – 1 lb
  14. Turmeric 1 lb
BOTE juice in fridge

I prep the night before. Juicing takes 4 to 6 hours depending on if I change the ratios.

I freeze the greens as they are the most delicate and break down the quickest after being juiced. I mix them in as I juice the other produce keeping everything as cold as I can until I’m done. The juice is very cold when it’s pressed and then kept at sub 30 degrees to protect the enzymes. The juice in the freezer needs to be stirred, so it doesn’t freeze over. 

Once everything is juiced I make sure it’s mixed well. I then pour it into 8 oz jars. From the above recipe, I get between 65-75 jars.

It tastes amazing! It’s my belief, that when done correctly, freezing juice is a very viable option for people that can only juice at certain times, but would like to be able to enjoy juice more often.

I juice once every 3-4 weeks. We can each have 1 to 2 jars per day.

I couldn’t make this juice unless I froze it. It would be too difficult to juice this many ingredients each day. It’s awesome to juice every couple of weeks but to be able to get the benefits by drinking it every day.

What do friends think about juicing when they get started?

Just days after getting engaged 13 years ago, my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She had lesions in her brain and spine. It was a complete shock to us both. I decided to step up what I was doing with the juicing because I knew it was so healthy. I remember what regular juicing had done for me. I’m happy to say that my wife is completely in remission and has never had another exacerbation of her disease. We’ll never know how much juicing has helped her, but I bet it’s a big reason she’s done so well. We’re partners in our juicing!

Veggies in strainer

What do you like about using the PURE Juicer? 

The PURE Juicer hands down the best juicer in the world. I’ve had more juicers than I can count. If I could make the perfect juicer, it would look and perform like the PURE. I even had another hydraulic juicer before this one. The PURE is best in every way.

The PURE Juicer is a WORLD-CLASS product.

  1. Sturdy construction
  2. A blade, chute, and press that delivers the best quality juice you can get
  3. Excellent customer service and warranty
  4. The best juice I have ever tasted with the highest yield.
  5. Strong motor and a great press. Easy to use.
  6. The quality of the PURE juicer makes everything taste great. Lower quality juicers create more heat which means the juice deteriorates quicker.


People are worried about the time it takes to juice. What do you say about this?

What’s your health worth? It does take time and money, but what is as important as your health and well-being? I believe that juicing is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself nutritionally. It does take time to figure out what works for you, but once you do, your body will learn to crave it. You’ll have to juice because your body will tell you that it needs it. Lastly, it’s really an investment for your future. If you can juice, do it. You and your body will be thankful you did it.


Anything else we have missed?

My last name is Freese (pronounced the same as ‘freeze’). It’s interesting that I juice the way I do…. By freezing it!

Conrad shopping in store

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  • HarveyTribe says:

    Wondering if Pure Juice could test the potency of this drink vs. fresh? I have always been told that the greens needed to be drank ASAP! This would be a game changer …if a lot of quality of the veggies is not lost?

    Thanks in advance

  • Great article. I’m a full time traveling RVer, and freezing has been invaluable. 2 questions:
    1) what does this mean? “ The juice in the freezer needs to be stirred, so it doesn’t freeze over.” I do stir/mix all vegetables before pouring into 8 oz canning jars. Is there more that I should do?
    2) love the multi color canning jar lids. Where can I get these? Have only seen in white or metal.

    Thx so much.

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