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How do we make our mouths water, generate less waste, and see the world more optimistically, all through the PURE Juicer? By Jen Longtin

“I am a woman who works, who is also a wife and mother and in the past few years, a teacher, counselor, chef, cleaner, entertainer”… says most women I talk to. So when Covid hit, life for women in my community–and I am sure most others–went uncomfortably still. The shutdowns in Seattle were some of the first and I held it together these past two years by sticking to a few essentials. I checked in on my loved ones regularly, exercised five to seven days a week, had strong faith, and began creating every concoction under the sun using my PURE Juicer.

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While a lot of people juice preventative for overall health benefits, others juice to heal from serious illnesses. Especially in the later case it’s essential to get access to as many nutrients as possible in order to move the toxic and depleted body into a non-toxic and rebuilding state. In order to achieve that, it’s essential to use the most efficient equipment possible.

Long before modern two-stage juicers entered the market Dr. Max Gerson (creator of the Gerson Therapy) found that:

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Many people ask, what is the best Gerson Therapy Juicer? We know through healing success stories that the best and most efficacious juicer is a true two-stage and cold-press juicer.

Dr. Max Gerson wrote in his ground-breaking book A Cancer Therapy – Results of Fifty Cases that “two machines are required, a separate grinder and a separate press, for the correct preparation of the juice. These are findings of experiences over many years in which patients who used a one-unit machine had no success.”