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Green smoothie


Having the premier protocol and facility in the world, for the treatment of advanced cancer and degenerative diseases using the Gerson Therapy, it is imperative that everything we use is of the highest standard of quality and functionality.
Our patients are receiving thirteen, fresh-pressed juices every day which constitutes, roughly, seventeen pounds of fresh, organic produce daily per patient!
It is absolutely necessary that we be able to extract the richest, nutrient dense juice as possible for our patients while producing the highest quantity of juice possible to help our bottom line. Furthermore, we need a juicing machine that can, day in and day out, withstand the rigorous use and activity that our treatment protocol requires.
This is why I have, specifically, chosen the PURE Juicer to be our juicer of choice at our clinic Northern Baja Gerson Center in Rosarito, Mexico.
For three years now we have exclusively used the PURE juicer at our facility and we could not be happier.
Previously, we used a similar high-end juicer and we were continually having to send it back for fundamental flaws that continually occured with standard usage.
PURE has seemed to overcome and get beyond those systematic flaws so we do not have to worry about how soon our juicer is going to breakdown from our required use.
Furthermore, what separates the PURE Juicer company from all others is their customer service. This is where it also shines. If we need maintenance, replacement pieces, etc… David and his team are right there to meet our needs with gladness and sincerity of heart; truly a PURE heart.
It is 100% the PURE juicer for us.

Dr. Patrick Vickers
Director and Founder
Northern Baja Gerson Center


As the only licensed Gerson clinic in the Americas it is our responsibility to provide quality to our guests when they stay with us. We at Health Institute de Tijuana make juices every hour on the hour starting at breakfast time. 

The juicer we use needs to be able to handle the stress of not just juicing once in a while but juicing often and in large quantities. The PURE Juicer we utilize is liked by the entire kitchen staff who say that one of the things they like most is the ease of use. There is a guide when grinding the veggies (and fruit) that makes it easy to do. The mechanism seems to be uncomplicated to take apart for cleaning post juicing. Lastly, another comment made by the staff is that the sound level is less than other juicers. This may not seem that important to people that don’t juice but when you juice every hour the sound level can be quite loud and intense but PURE is softer on the ears. 

One final note is the customer service that PURE provides. In this age of companies lacking customer service it is very nice to be able to send a quick email to PURE and have them answer straight away.
We are very happy with our PURE Juicer and are grateful to have it as a primary appliance in our kitchen.

Aleyda Hoskins
Chief of Operations
runner with PURE juice


Keeping up a healthy lifestyle has always been a big part of my life. My family is fanatic, at times, about health, fitness, and overall wellness. My mom has worked for years in the health world and my dad is an obsessive cyclist, so they’ve taught me well.

As a competitive athlete all throughout high school and now college, I want to be able to keep my edge by putting only the best in my body so I love to embrace new diets and ways of consuming the nutrients I need. That’s why I’m so excited about the PURE Juicer. It allows me to juice all of my favorite vegetables and fruits and get more juice out of them as well as more enzymes and vitamins.

My family and I have spent so much time blending and juicing over the years and what I’m excited most about is the ease of use of the PURE Juicer. It’s dishwasher safe and completely seamless making it easier to clean (less time cleaning, more time running )

Thanks PURE  for pushing me towards my goal of a clean, healthy, active lifestyle.

Amanda St. Clair

PURE juicer with orange juice and pulp


We recently met with Tanja, creator of gersongirls, her sister and members of the Gerson family for a delightful lunch. Tanja has been kind enough to share her early thoughts about the PURE Juicer. 

David Feinberg recently demonstrated the PURE for the Gerson family. My sister and I were there at the same time, so we got to witness the PURE in action.

For the past years, I have been juicing with a Super Angel. Using a 2-stage juicer was a complete new experience for me. Seeing David and the PURE in action for the demonstration was impressive for all of us. Getting a hands-on lesson from the designer himself was priceless and my learning curve steep.

David surprised us all, when he offered the juicer for an extended test drive. I ended up being the lucky girl that got to take the PURE home. Talk about an AMAZING SURPRISE!

David carefully packed the PURE in my car and off I went home to discover the joy of 2 stage juicing. Setting up the PURE on my countertop was exiting and luckily I had the other items needed already at home. A stainless steel measuring cup, bowls, deep baking pan, and 32oc wide mouth ball jars.

I washed and prepped all the produce, not knowing how much less I would need. Grinding the produce was fast and easy. No fear of messing up my kitchen Norwalk style. I stirred the mash and used 1.5 cup, almost 2 cups for each cloth. Placing the fully loaded cloths in the center of the tray and putting it in place is key to spill free pressing.

The ball jar worked perfectly for collecting the juice. No need to move the jar around as the opening of the wide mouth jar is wide enough for the juice flow. The non stick cloth is a sensation in itself. So is the paper dry pulp!

Even though you can put all the parts in the dishwasher, I decided to hand wash them for the experience. Clean up is very easy and fast – and a whole lot faster than cleaning my Angel screen.

My conclusion:

  • The coolness of the blade and the pulp was astounding.
  • The pulp is paper dry.
  • The texture and taste of the PURE juice has no comparison to any juice I ever tasted.
  • The PURE juice is…. pure! Super smooth and pulp free!
  • Clean up is a breeze and the PURE is so well designed, it deserves a spot on the countertop.

What a treat to have the PURE at home and to test it out!

Juicebox drinks


Alyssa Jane Tanner is production manager at Juicebox in Seattle. Juicebox is an awesome juice bar and cafe serving fresh cold-pressed juices.  She recently ran the PURE Juicer through its paces and shared this review:

After a day of using the PURE juicer, I am very impressed.  For the past three years I have been juicing on other cold pressed “home” juicers 2-3 times a week for 4 hours each time at the Juicebox production site, and have created many tricks and cheats to make my days run more smoothly and efficiently. The PURE juicer practically erased the need to create tricks. I was able to grind more quickly due to the design of the cutter. I was able to press ⅓ more pulp at once due to the massive amount of space given. I wasted no time without the need to toggle the press, worry about the plate breaking after 10 seconds, or worry about juice squirting from the non-stick filter clothes.

Clean up was made easy since there are almost no seams around the pressing plate, and the curve in the feed housing made it so that there was almost no produce flying into the air no matter how fast I was moving. What was most surprising was the fact that the press is so strong that I was able to get about 20% more juice out of greens. After crunching some numbers, I have found that we would be saving 27% on produce and cutting out almost 1/4th of our production time. I am very excited to see how the rest of the juice world responds to this exciting piece of machinery.

Allya Jane Tanner
Production Manager
Juicebox Seattle

Juicytox bottles


Rob Alexander runs Juicytox, a leading juice cleanse business in the UK. He stopped by for a demo a couple of days ago and agreed to let us publish his impressions of the PURE Juicer:

So today I was lucky enough to visit Richard from PURE Juicer Co who was kind enough to give me a demo on the PURE Juicer. The good news is you’re going to love it, the bad news is you will want one really badly and start to hate your current juicer because this one is so good. Picture driving a brand new Ferrari for an hour then going back to your own car again would be the best way of describing it. From the exterior to the actual operating of the machine it is by far the best juicer I’ve ever used. We juiced 1kg of carrots which resulted with a yield of around 680ml of juice so I reckon that’s about 150ml-200ml more than what my current Norwalk produces.

I said to Richard, “How would you feel about giving the machine a bit more of a challenge?” to which his response was on the lines of “bring it on”. I brought in a pineapple and I said “how much shall we put in?” and without even thinking about it he chopped the top and end off, wrapped it in a cloth and then proceeded to put the press on. Just to clarify, this is a whole pineapple (med/large) about to be pressed so I was both a little worried/nervous about what was about to happen. I needn’t of worried, the PURE Juicer destroyed the pineapple. I don’t know about any of you but I usually put about a 1/3 of the pineapple in so to see a whole pineapple in the press was pretty impressive.

This is a fantastic machine and by far superior to anything I’ve ever used before. Congrats David and the team and I can’t wait to take possession of my PURE Juicer when it’s released.

Rob Alexander, JuicyTox

Gerson Therapy pictures with juice


Cheryl Jones Tracy is an ardent cold-pressed juicing fan and is using the Gerson Therapy for her personal health. After using the PURE Juicer she posted a review to the Gerson Therapy Support Group on Facebook, which we were allowed to reprint here.

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to meet David and his wife, and to test the PURE Juicer with both the Gerson carrot-apple juice and the green juice. We definitely want one!

At first glance, I thought it was a NW until closer examination. I didn’t measure it, but dimensions seemed the same to me. But, the housing is different. It is MUCH easier and quicker to attach and detach. No bolts and wing nuts to tighten and untighten. The cutter is different, where my NW has 5 blades machined into the cutter, the PURE Juicer has 8, but I didn’t count.

The shoot is designed differently, with a curve in it, which prevents splash-back on the ceiling. I purposely tried to splatter the ceiling with carrots! There was some spitting, but it was not much as my NW and definitely not up on the ceiling. Perhaps 5-7 chunks of carrot flew about a foot high is all that happened. So my ceiling will stay clean, yay!

This machine is built by a MAN, it is strong. When pressing the juice, there is no more counting to ten seconds because you can’t damage it by leaving the press plate in the up-position for even a whole minute or longer! It will press the maximum amount of juice for maximum produce cost savings. As a result, the pulp ‘cakes’ are drier than the NW. Drier cakes are easier to remove from the cloths. Many of the parts are built with stronger materials. There is also a protective pad on the front panel, so that the exterior will not be damaged from whatever container you set under the grinder to catch the ground up vegetables in.

The PURE Juicer is quieter than my NW, that matters to me because I am extremely noise sensitive and dread turning on my NW early in the morning, as it rattles my nerves. Also, compared to my NW 275, I did not have to use as much arm/muscle pressure to push carrots through the shoot. That’s would be of benefit for those with shoulder injuries, or a weak/ill person.

About the ground up pulp: The lower end of the housing is flared, so there is less (but still some) pulp that sticks in there. With the carrot-apple juice; it mostly fell out. More of the green juice stayed up in there, if I would not have been making these juices so quickly, given a little more time, it would have fallen out into the dish below.

Immediately after grinding, I used my finger to feel the pulp, it was cold, colder than my NW, not tepid. I brought my vegetables in a cooler with a frozen Blue Ice, straight out of my refrigerator. And they stayed completely cold during the grind.

I even did a little final clean-up on it just to try that out. It is MUCH easier to clean. The press plate is easily removable, allowing you to clean the area without having to have the machine running with the press plate in up position, like the NW.

I wish (!), but I am not getting a discount for writing this review for you guys. This is my honest story.

Cheryl Jones Tracy