Homemade Hummus Using a PURE Juicer

Yield: 2.5 cups or 20 oz
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes (including clean up)

Homemade hummus made entirely of raw, whole, natural ingredients? Yes, please. The PURE Juicer makes this process a breeze when you simply grind the ingredients through stage one. This recipe allows for modifications according to personal taste: start with our suggestions below but feel free to play around with the spices, especially the cumin and garlic! We used a #4 PURE juicer grid, but if you prefer a super-fine grind, use the #2.

Strawberry Juice


By Gillian Ehrlich, DNP, ARNP and owner of Center for Healing Neurology

Our immune system is the system of bodily defense, and like any good militia, has regimens of front-line foot soldiers, and intelligence officers, and can receive external reinforcements (this is passive immunity from mom to baby and via vaccination). This system gets going while we are still in utero (  and doesn’t stop until after our final breath. It is with us through thick and thin, through hardship and triumph, through childhood colds and chickenpox (or now through immunizations against the infectious diseases of childhood) and plays a role in the chronic diseases of adulthood like autoimmune disease, cancer, and even persistent infections like Long-COVID.

juice made from veggies on table

Three Juice Recipes for Energy, Brain Health and Immunity

Juice recipes for mental & brain health, energy, cancer prevention, and immunity.
In part one of this blog series, we shared recipes for cardiovascular health and musculoskeletal health. In part two, we have three recipes that help our brains, energy, and immune systems.

They say dancing is one of the best ways to keep our brain and body youthful. And research has even shown that people who started dancing regularly said they had more energy, stamina, and vitality. So, we used brain and mitochondrial health ingredients from the Periodic Table of Juicing to create this rich and delicious juice.

Colorful juices

Let’s Juice and Play

How do we make our mouths water, generate less waste, and see the world more optimistically, all through the PURE Juicer? By Jen Longtin

“I am a woman who works, who is also a wife and mother and in the past few years, a teacher, counselor, chef, cleaner, entertainer”… says most women I talk to. So when Covid hit, life for women in my community–and I am sure most others–went uncomfortably still. The shutdowns in Seattle were some of the first and I held it together these past two years by sticking to a few essentials. I checked in on my loved ones regularly, exercised five to seven days a week, had strong faith, and began creating every concoction under the sun using my PURE Juicer.

Chai tea

Spicy Chai Recipe Using a PURE Juicer

Can the PURE Juicer grind spices? Absolutely. In our recent test kitchen, we decided to put our PURE Juicer to the test to see how well it did, and we can say with full confidence that it was fast and easy. So easy that we ordered spices in bulk for future tea.

PURE Juicer comes with eight different grids. The smaller the grid, the finer the grind. For example, coffee and spices use the smallest grid, the #2. Grids 3, 4, and 5 are good for nut butter, baby food, pesto, hummus, and ‘nice’ cream. Grids 6, 8, 10, and 12 are used mainly for juicing. We recommend using smaller grid sizes for softer fruits, and for produce like celery and ginger, always use the #12.

Strawberry Almond Smoothie

Two Juice Recipes to Boost Cardio and Strength Performance

Part One – Cardiovascular & Musculoskeletal

We are an active crew at PURE Juicer. With summer only a month away, we are ready to take advantage of local farmer’s markets and fun outdoor activities. We hope you are too. So we decided to use the Periodic Table of Juicer to create active-inspired juice recipes for this blog.

pasta made with PURE juicer

Four Flavorful Pasta Recipes Using Pulp from The PURE Juicer

We hope you enjoyed the elixir blog that showed you how to make four flavorful juices that feed our bodies. Click here to show you step one if you haven’t seen it.

These four homemade pasta recipes with juice pulp are only a sample of the color and flavor you can create. The recipes do not require any special tools or ingredients. Although we demonstrate making pasta with the attachment on a Kitchen Aid, you can also simply roll the dough and use a pizza cutter to create delicious linguini.