Carrots, peppers, and orange juice

Five Delicious Juice Recipes to Boost Mitochondrial Health

In this blog, we will explore the role mitochondria have in our body and ways we can support the mitochondria with delicious and simple juice recipes.

The mitochondria are organelles in our cells that are responsible for creating energy for our bodies. They are like the engine that powers a car. They are fueled by what we eat and the health of our system. When the mitochondria don’t have enough of the right quality fuel, we can feel tired all day long. If we do not have quality fuel for long periods of time, we can develop more serious chronic issues.

Green juice for keto diet

Juicing on the Keto Diet + Recipe!

When we hear ‘keto diet’ we think of heavy protein and dairy foods. But did you know that many greens are keto-approved too? 

Although fruit in high quantities is not advised when following the keto diet because of the sugar content, keto does see value in low-carbohydrate vegetables. Greens like cucumber, celery, spinach, and kale, are all keto-friendly vegetables that allow those following keto to incorporate more plant-based habits into their diet. 

Puppy Pulp Treats SO GOOD You May Eat Them Yourself

These dog treats are loved by our furry best friends and US! Using the dry pulp from carrot-apple juice, plus some well-known healthy foods pups love, these treats are healthy and a new fun way to use our juice pulp. Not only is this recipe yummy for doggos, but humans love them too and they are the perfect way to make juicing a completely zero-waste process. Rich in fiber, they are an excellent way to complement a vibrant diet of other plant-based foods and juice. 

List of ingredients:
(Makes two full cookie sheets of treats)

Periodic Table of Juicing - Brain Health

Juicing for Brain Health

In this new blog, we dive into my favorite topic, brain health. As a board-certified neurologist for adults and children, I have seen thousands of patients struggling with symptoms that affect the quality of life, including headaches, fatigue, pain, cognitive difficulties, insomnia, anxiety, and more. After my residency, I earned my Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology (focused on pharmaceutical residues in our drinking water), and then I completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine. These two degrees, along with my medical degree, taught me that many suffer from daily exposures to toxic substances over decades of life.

Five years after my fellowship, I opened my own practice to combine the best of Western and integrative medicine, something for which I hold a great passion. It has been a rewarding experience to see patients thrive and improve brain health when focusing on lifestyle changes. This integrative approach, plus a broader acceptance of food as medicine and plant-based diets, make me optimistic about lifestyle changes and brain health.

Periodic Table of Juicing

The Periodic Table of Juicing


Centuries ago, Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Our juicing and plant-based communities intuitively know what this means and have personally experienced the impact fruits and vegetables have on our bodies. But there is also a disconnect between the benefits of food and the medicine prescribed for wellness (and illness).

David Feinberg holding carrots

We Should All Be Drinking Cold-Pressed Juice

Including fresh juice as part of a well-balanced diet is an important way to achieve a healthier, more energetic, and disease-free lifestyle. Fresh and raw foods are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, the most essential building blocks for our body. My hope is to explain the cold press juicing process and to educate you about why true cold-pressed juice is so much better than juice made by any other process.

Cold press juicing is a two-stage process that involves the grinding and pressing of fruits and vegetables. This process is the same one that has been used for centuries and to this day for apple cider and extra-virgin olive oil production. It is the tried and true method to extract delicate flavor esters, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients from produce.

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Juicing for Life, Health, and Happiness!

by Ilene S. Ruhoy, MD, PhD

To juice fruits and vegetables is to optimize what nature has provided for our longevity and continued well-being. Numerous studies support the health benefits of juicing, including tremendous anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-carcinogenic effects. Juicing can be a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, whether it was for preventative or therapeutic purposes. It can reduce our risk of many chronic illnesses that plague Americans, including stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, depression, pain, obesity, and autoimmunity.