Nut milk with almonds


A common way to make nut milk is using a high speed blender to blend up nuts and water together, then strain the blended nut mixture using a nut milk bag and press as hard as you can. An easier way is to put the nut mixture in a PURE press cloth and use the 5000 lbs force from our PURE press to conveniently squeeze the last drop of nut milk out – completely pulp free of course.

Did you know that you can make raw organic nut milk while using your PURE Juicer only?



Did you know that making pesto dates back to the ancient Romans?

They ate a paste called moretum which was made by crushing cheese, garlic, and herbs together.  The first mention of a recipe for pesto can be found in an Italian book dating from 1863 called La Cuciniera Genovese. Pesto is traditionally prepared in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle.

homemade applesauce


The PURE Juicer can be used to create nutritious, homemade fruit and vegetable purées.

Preparing purées for your baby, geriatric patients, as part of the Gerson Therapy,  or just because you like to create a healthy and nutritious treat – the PURE Juicer offers you an easy way to finish up your homemade goods.