stainless steel cutters for juicer

What’s the difference between the Straight and Serrated Cutter and how do I minimize kickback?

Both cutters are made from food-safe stainless steel. Having designed, developed and tested both cutters the main difference is the frequency of sharpening. Beyond this, the results are similar with the following differences.

The Serrated Cutter is made from heat-treated and hardened 440c stainless steel. It has a very uniform push-pressure, has almost no kickback and almost never needs sharpening. With heavy use, the first sharpening will be around 2-5 years, and with normal use 5-10 years or longer between sharpening. Proper care of 440c is to hand wash and wipe dry, do not clean in the dishwasher.

PURE juicer bags


PURE Juicer has done some long-overdue research in the field of filter material used in press cloths and bags. We developed state-of-the art, food-safe material that is not prone to plugging and easily releases the pressed pulp.

Our material is designed for the demands of high pressure hydraulic pressing of a two-stage juicer and designed to fold easily, trap fiber, yet freely passes the juice.

Lines, sliced, in cloth bag


Having juiced a lot on the PURE Juicer and being the inventor/engineer, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get the most from my PURE. The following is what I have discovered is a great way to juice lemons and limes. I have found the PURE Press Bag is an ideal way to juice small citrus fruits.

Place to two lemons or four limes, partially sliced as shown below, into press bag and press. The key to this method is the partial slicing, this technique makes clean up a cinch as the fruit stays together and releases easily from the bag.

Front of PURE Juicer


When we started designing a new juicer from scratch we looked at the key pain points for people like us who use two-stage juicers on a daily basis. Two issues kept coming up:

This was so upsetting to us that we were determined to design an easier and more efficient way to juice. We found out quickly that it takes a synergistic system, i.e. the transition between each part of the juicer and every step of the process has to be seamless in order to make the juicer easy to use and to create the very best juice with the lowest temperature pulp and with the maximum yield.