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Are you a Cloth or a Bag Juicer?

PURE Juicer has done some long-overdue research in the field of filter material used in press cloths and bags. We developed state-of-the art, food-safe material that is not prone to plugging and easily releases the pressed pulp.

Our material is designed for the demands of high pressure hydraulic pressing of a two-stage juicer and designed to fold easily, trap fiber, yet freely passes the juice.

Synthetic yarns are best, as they are twice as strong as cotton or hemp, will not absorb juice and will hold up over time to the extreme pressure of PURE’s 5,000 lbs force of our hydraulic press.

This guarantees you to squeeze out the last drop out of your organic produce so you can enjoy the best cold-pressed juice.

We offer our material as PURE press cloths and PURE press bags.

Using Pure Press Cloth


allow you to juice large quantities. We therefore recommend the cloth for volume juicing – families who like to juice ahead as well as for juice bars.

When juicing with a cloth place the open cloth into a lasagna pan so the ground up produce can fall straight on the cloth. After pressing, simply unfold the cloth and let the pulp slide out.

press cloth illustration


are designed to fit our large PURE press. This makes the bags slightly larger than traditional press bags. They are also designed with extra-strong seams, sewn to commercial standards for strength.

Simply hang the bag from the grid tray, grind the produce directly into it and transfer it over to the press — one less step than if you use a press cloth.

To wash, turn the bag inside out. Rinse the bag and press the water out. Always use caution to properly fold so the seam is not overloaded.

Bag juicing is great for recipe juicing, especially when juicing for the Gerson Therapy™ as patients juice an 8 ounce Gerson Therapy™ juice up to 13 times per day.

A very helpful tip from the Gerson Girls featured in our Gerson Therapy™ Juicing Booklet:

“We like to keep many press bags on hand. When prepping the produce for the day, we portion the produce per juice and store it in the bag in the refrigerator. When it is time to juice, you just need to grab your bag. Take out the produce and hang the bag on the tray holder. This way you can use one bag for storing, catching the pulp and pressing.”  www.gersongirls.com

Cloth versus Bag?

This is truly a matter of personal preference and the only way to know is to use both and decide.

0 thoughts on “CLOTH VERSUS BAG

  • Norbert Lutsch says:

    I have seen that the pressed pulp forms a firm substance that easily can be removed from the bag. I just tried to juice for the first time and hat very flat pulp which adhered to the inside of the bag so i had to turn the bag on the left side and remove the pulp with the back side of a butter knive to remove everything which was a mess. Any suggestions as to what i did wrong?
    Thanks for your help

    • Pure Juicer says:

      Try using a liner with your next juice. Some produce is stickier than others. Liners are great for citrus, berries, etc.

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