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PURE juicer with orange juice and pulp


We recently met with Tanja, creator of gersongirls, her sister and members of the Gerson family for a delightful lunch. Tanja has been kind enough to share her early thoughts about the PURE Juicer. 

David Feinberg recently demonstrated the PURE for the Gerson family. My sister and I were there at the same time, so we got to witness the PURE in action.

For the past years, I have been juicing with a Super Angel. Using a 2-stage juicer was a complete new experience for me. Seeing David and the PURE in action for the demonstration was impressive for all of us. Getting a hands-on lesson from the designer himself was priceless and my learning curve steep.

David surprised us all, when he offered the juicer for an extended test drive. I ended up being the lucky girl that got to take the PURE home. Talk about an AMAZING SURPRISE!

David carefully packed the PURE in my car and off I went home to discover the joy of 2 stage juicing. Setting up the PURE on my countertop was exiting and luckily I had the other items needed already at home. A stainless steel measuring cup, bowls, deep baking pan, and 32oc wide mouth ball jars.

I washed and prepped all the produce, not knowing how much less I would need. Grinding the produce was fast and easy. No fear of messing up my kitchen Norwalk style. I stirred the mash and used 1.5 cup, almost 2 cups for each cloth. Placing the fully loaded cloths in the center of the tray and putting it in place is key to spill free pressing.

The ball jar worked perfectly for collecting the juice. No need to move the jar around as the opening of the wide mouth jar is wide enough for the juice flow. The non stick cloth is a sensation in itself. So is the paper dry pulp!

Even though you can put all the parts in the dishwasher, I decided to hand wash them for the experience. Clean up is very easy and fast – and a whole lot faster than cleaning my Angel screen.

My conclusion:

  • The coolness of the blade and the pulp was astounding.
  • The pulp is paper dry.
  • The texture and taste of the PURE juice has no comparison to any juice I ever tasted.
  • The PURE juice is…. pure! Super smooth and pulp free!
  • Clean up is a breeze and the PURE is so well designed, it deserves a spot on the countertop.

What a treat to have the PURE at home and to test it out!

Norwalk Update: November 2021

The Norwalk Juicer Company closed its doors this month after 87 years, they will be sadly missed by the entire juicing community. PURE Juicer will now be the only two-stage juicer available. Created in 2016, PURE Juicer innovated two-stage juicing and the juicing experience through modern technology and customer input.

We did not anticipate Norwalk going out of business. Our community is full of Norwalk and PURE Juicer owners with the same goal of living healthy lives and drinking the best true cold-pressed juice a home juicer can make. Knowing many in our community will need parts and/or services for your Norwalk, we are working on ways to support you.

PURE Juicer makes all its juicing parts from food-grade stainless steel, we redesigned the feed tube for easier use and less kickback. We incorporated an eight-tooth stainless steel cutter and increased the pressing force to 2.5-tons. These changes produce the highest yield and a better juicing experience.

In an effort to carry the legacy of two-stage juicing forward and to support the community who is unsure what to do next, we would like to share what we can do:

  • PURE Juicer cloths, bags, and liners are compatible with all Norwalk Juicers. Link to all items are here:
  • PURE Juicer parts are not compatible with Norwalk Juicers. Please contact our support team if you have any questions at
  • Sign up to receive emails from PURE Juicer. We will update you on connections to service for your existing Norwalk juicer and other ways you can keep juicing with the machine you have. We are in the process of developing resources, where possible, to continue to support you.
  • A reminder that PURE Juicer is Gerson-Approved, just like Norwalk. You are in good hands with PURE Juicer and we are here to continue to serve our community for years to come.

Our commitment is to our community. We welcome your questions and comments. And we hope to see everyone juicing for years to come.

David Feinberg
CEO & Founder of PURE Juicer

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