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Rob Alexander runs Juicytox, a leading juice cleanse business in the UK. He stopped by for a demo a couple of days ago and agreed to let us publish his impressions of the PURE Juicer:

So today I was lucky enough to visit Richard from PURE Juicer Co who was kind enough to give me a demo on the PURE Juicer. The good news is you’re going to love it, the bad news is you will want one really badly and start to hate your current juicer because this one is so good. Picture driving a brand new Ferrari for an hour then going back to your own car again would be the best way of describing it. From the exterior to the actual operating of the machine it is by far the best juicer I’ve ever used. We juiced 1kg of carrots which resulted with a yield of around 680ml of juice so I reckon that’s about 150ml-200ml more than what my current Norwalk produces.

I said to Richard, “How would you feel about giving the machine a bit more of a challenge?” to which his response was on the lines of “bring it on”. I brought in a pineapple and I said “how much shall we put in?” and without even thinking about it he chopped the top and end off, wrapped it in a cloth and then proceeded to put the press on. Just to clarify, this is a whole pineapple (med/large) about to be pressed so I was both a little worried/nervous about what was about to happen. I needn’t of worried, the PURE Juicer destroyed the pineapple. I don’t know about any of you but I usually put about a 1/3 of the pineapple in so to see a whole pineapple in the press was pretty impressive.

This is a fantastic machine and by far superior to anything I’ve ever used before. Congrats David and the team and I can’t wait to take possession of my PURE Juicer when it’s released.

Rob Alexander, JuicyTox

Norwalk Update: November 2021

The Norwalk Juicer Company closed its doors this month after 87 years, they will be sadly missed by the entire juicing community. PURE Juicer will now be the only two-stage juicer available. Created in 2016, PURE Juicer innovated two-stage juicing and the juicing experience through modern technology and customer input.

We did not anticipate Norwalk going out of business. Our community is full of Norwalk and PURE Juicer owners with the same goal of living healthy lives and drinking the best true cold-pressed juice a home juicer can make. Knowing many in our community will need parts and/or services for your Norwalk, we are working on ways to support you.

PURE Juicer makes all its juicing parts from food-grade stainless steel, we redesigned the feed tube for easier use and less kickback. We incorporated an eight-tooth stainless steel cutter and increased the pressing force to 2.5-tons. These changes produce the highest yield and a better juicing experience.

In an effort to carry the legacy of two-stage juicing forward and to support the community who is unsure what to do next, we would like to share what we can do:

  • PURE Juicer cloths, bags, and liners are compatible with all Norwalk Juicers. Link to all items are here:
  • PURE Juicer parts are not compatible with Norwalk Juicers. Please contact our support team if you have any questions at
  • Sign up to receive emails from PURE Juicer. We will update you on connections to service for your existing Norwalk juicer and other ways you can keep juicing with the machine you have. We are in the process of developing resources, where possible, to continue to support you.
  • A reminder that PURE Juicer is Gerson-Approved, just like Norwalk. You are in good hands with PURE Juicer and we are here to continue to serve our community for years to come.

Our commitment is to our community. We welcome your questions and comments. And we hope to see everyone juicing for years to come.

David Feinberg
CEO & Founder of PURE Juicer

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