Mimi Kirk Shares Her Juicing Journey

Interview by Jen Longtin, PURE Juicer

Our PURE community is a vibrant bunch of juicers from around the world making a difference in their health and the health of others. Our goal is to use these stories to inspire everyone to new levels of vitality and community.

Who won the sexiest vegetarian over 50 at the age of 70? Mimi Kirk did (she was vegan but at the time that was too controversial). Now, at 82 years old, she shows us that every age is beautiful and according to Mimi, “Nothing in my body hurts. I wake up and jump out of bed ready for the day.” She is mixed with wisdom, intelligence, and beauty inside out. So with all of that, we will let her share her story and show you the trails she has opened for all of us.

Please note: We had the pleasure to host a discussion with Mimi and PURE’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ilene Ruhoy earlier this year and we covered a lot in an hour. From juice fasts, veganism, freezing juice, juicing for diabetes, juicing for kids, and much more. You can watch the full discussion here. 


What do you want us all to know about you? 

I became a vegetarian at the age of 30. I was recently widowed so I took up meditation to find myself and understand life and death. One day while eating a piece of meat, I realized I was chewing flesh. Animal flesh that was alive before it was killed. I learned later how brutal this process was. I could not eat an animal again. I came home and told my small children my discovery and that I could not cook an animal again. However, I did say when we eat out you can choose to do what you want. Like me, they did not want to harm animals anymore. We adopted the saying “we eat nothing with a face.” It was a bit longer until I realized anything like cheese, eggs, etc. were also part of the same cruelty. Further down the road, I included not wearing leather.

Mimi Kirk
Green juice by PURE juicer

Why did you start juicing? 

I heard about juicing from a friend who opened the first juice place in Los Angeles in 1975. His name is Dave Otto He called his place, which he still runs, Beverly Hills Juice Club. A little hole in the wall place with a line out the door. I’ve known him since I was 19. He was a friend of my late husband. He told me how important juicing was to my health. I bought a juicer and started with little juice glasses. I didn’t know you needed more than a shot glass full. Lol! That juicer would plug up the screen from juicing carrots that made the whole process time-consuming. I finally put it on a shelf way back in my cupboard. I juiced on and off over the years then realized it should be a daily habit. Then I got serious about it.


What do you notice when you juice regularly? 

I notice that I feel more alive and energetic drinking green juices. It’s almost like it runs through my blood. If I take a supplement I don’t feel a thing. Juicing actually feels like something good is working.

What do you recommend to people afraid to start juicing? 

Well, too much time is spent in doctors’ offices from NOT juicing. We need nutrients daily to stay healthy. Juicing provides this in such a simple way. Costly? Doctor bills are costly. There’s a way to buy in bulk at farmer’s markets. Most farmers give breaks at the end of the day so they don’t have to haul produce home. But, what’s good health worth to you? Can you put a price on it? What material item can you forgo in order to buy organic fruits and vegetables?


What is your favorite juice? 

Hard to choose. I crave leafy greens and can add celery, cucumbers, apples, or pineapple to any green and some lemon and I’m happy.


What do you like about using the PURE Juicer? 

If you can call a machine sexy, then the PURE is sexy. And it makes by far the best-tasting juice. The smooth texture is so easy to drink. I also think you get the most juice from the produce so it probably saves money compared to other juicers. 

Mimi working in kitchen

Anything else we have missed?

You can purchase any of my raw food cookbooks directly from my website www.youngonrawfood.com. I personally autograph my books and send a special gift I designed.


Photos from Instagram @mimikirk_youngonrawfood

Mimi holding greens

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