Periodic Table of Juicing

The Periodic Table of Juicing

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Creating The Periodic Table of Juicing

Centuries ago, Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Our juicing and plant-based communities intuitively know what this means and have personally experienced the impact fruits and vegetables have on our bodies. But there is also a disconnect between the benefits of food and the medicine prescribed for wellness (and illness).

It has always been my hope to merge medical science with food science to support our juicing community. Fruits and vegetables have unique vitamins, minerals, and health benefits that can be overwhelming to try to put together from memory. When I came up with and presented the concept of a table to my team, and then Dr. Ruhoy, there was a resounding ‘YES.’ So here we are, with the new and evolving Periodic Table of Juicing.


How Do You Use The Periodic Table of Juicing?

We created this table to guide juicers worldwide on the benefit profiles of fruits and vegetables and favorite juiceable nuts and roots. Our goal is to make it easy to design delicious, healthy recipes and estimate their yield. We divided the Periodic Table of Juicing into ten sections and 138 element tiles composed of 100 unique elements. We then organized the table based on the body’s organ systems; digestive (gut health), cardiovascular, nervous system (brain), skin & hair, immune, etc. “Within the groups are vegetables or fruits that contain at least one ingredient that has at least one known benefit for that system,” Dr. Ruhoy.

We prioritized Gerson Juicing and Cancer Prevention to the Table of Juicing because both impact so many people in our community. We included two trending sections: Mental Health and Mitochondria. Mental health is more well known. Mitochondria is the powerhouse in every cell in our body linked to health and a rising number of illnesses. Dr. Ruhoy is an expert in the field of mitochondrial health, and she will dive into more detail to help us all share her understanding of how our mitochondria help us have strong, healthy bodies. Please note, there are more systems than there was space for in the table for instance, the reproductive system is not included, but we will write about this system and its juicing elements in the future.

“There is much overlap as the plant foods have many ingredients that have important benefits for more than one organ system.” – Dr. Ilene Ruhoy


How We Designed the Table of Juicing

The Periodic Table of Juicing is just like the Periodic Table of the Elements. It is a foundational document that organizes information at a structural level. Everyone I show it to can see a way to use it, whether as a way to create recipe combinations or to see what foods have what nutrients and what specific properties. In compiling the Periodic Table of Juicing, we discovered that raw fruits and vegetables are underrepresented scientifically. For instance, since we cannot find the glycemic index for raw fruits and vegetables, we will endeavor to assemble this useful information in future months.

We have researched the nutritional value of each element and its active ingredients and worked extensively with Dr. Ruhoy to perfect groups of elements. (ex. Carrots have beta-carotene, lutein, & lycopene).

Unlike the Periodic Table of the Elements, the rules for PURE’s Periodic Table of Juicing are not defined by atoms and subatomic particles. Our table is a softer system to connect a food element with its active healing ingredients to create unique recipes and diets.

If you have an underlying health condition, consult with your doctor.

periodic table highlight for C

Why Cold-Pressed Juice Matters?

Suppose you have found us online and wondering how juice and a table of juicing elements matter, let us explain. At PURE, we see juice as a cornerstone or a building block. We do not view cold-pressed juice as a supplement but as a component of a balanced, plant-based diet. When we provide what our bodies need, lots of seasonal produce, we feel young, heal quickly and stay well. We do not claim juice is a cure-all. We believe that a diet rich in cold-pressed juice, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats combined with exercise can improve our health and well-being and lower our risk factors.

Green juice
PURE’s proposition is simple, for every quart of juice we drink, we are consuming three pounds of produce. If we drink one-two quarts per day, we can affect a substantial change in our health. At the core, we are saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” “you are what you eat,” and finally, what Hippocrates said, “let food be your medicine.”
Dr. Ruhoy, as a vegan, board certified neurologist with a fellowship in integrative medicine. She is part of a new wave of healers that  went into medicine, knowing there is a deeper connection between nutrition and health than has traditionally been accepted. As a doctor, she treats one patient at a time. As PURE’s Chief Medical Officer, she can bring wellness to many. Her goal is to make a meaningful contribution to the body of knowledge showing the benefit of adding juice to our diet. We are honored to work with her.
Today, we know more than ever before about phytonutrients and the underlying chemistry and physiology of food than ever before. Modern medicine is only just beginning to understand nutrition at the cellular level. Dr. Ruhoy is uniquely qualified to connect juicing to optimal health and healing. She had this understanding before attending medical school and has been passionately taking a deep dive into plant-based nutrition all of her adult life. Dr. Ruhoy is a living example of, “physician heal thyself,” part of her story is her recovery from brain cancer. You can read about her story in an interview we did with her and Mimi Kirk here.

I started PURE Juicer as a company to make the world’s best juicer. 

As time has gone by, I’m continuously drawn into the world of health. Yes, we make a unique two-stage juicer and perhaps the only juicer that will efficiently juice some of the elements (like broccoli juice). But more importantly, this is about the incredible community of people who are achieving optimal health literally with an ounce (or quart) of prevention and treating chronic disease by drinking cold-pressed juice. Our body truly is our temple, and when fed properly, we regularly see people’s lives and bodies transformed. As the founder of PURE Juicer, I hear remarkable healing stories; as someone who has undergone my recovery, I can attest to a body and spirit transformation and the corresponding feeling of health and well-being.

The Periodic Table of Juicing is for everybody, not just PURE Juicer owners (although yields only apply to PURE Juicer). I want anyone and everyone who can see a benefit from how we have organized this information to use it and be well. Our goal is for those who see it intuitively to understand how to use the content to manage their health better. My family doctor said she would give it to her patients, other friends would use it as a menu planning guide, and for most of us, a way to make the best juice, share recipes, and be part of the juicing community.


The Future of The Periodic Table of Juicing- Join Us

This table will be a living document that we will continually add to based on your experience and ours. I hope many of you will submit recipes, blogs, and videos of the juices you love. We are all connected and deeply share in understanding the meaning the original periodic table of elements provides. Intuitively and at-a-glance anyone looking at the Periodic Table of Juicing will see we are connecting the relationship between the foods we juice (the elements) with the health benefits (the sections) associated with them.

As an aside, something I look forward to is different regional tables. There should be other charts for different geographic regions. I can’t wait to collaborate with you on these regional tables.


New Recipes And Education For Each Section

Each month, we will post a new blog written by Dr. Ruhoy that dives into the system’s science. It will include new recipes to try out and at least one demo video to make a fresh juice. That same month, we will post the latest yield estimates for the corresponding elements. You can see how this works by reading Dr. Ruhoy’s first blog about Cancer Prevention (link to blog)

This project collaborates with Ilene Ruhoy, MD, Ph.D., who is now our Chief Medical Officer for PURE Juicer, and David Jenkins, the mastermind behind the graphic design. I would also like to thank my entire team for their input, edits, juice testing, and being a part of my passion.



David Feinberg

CEO | Founder |

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